WEE Learn
Our Plan for Learning and Growing
     Victory Preschool VPK uses the WEE LEARN curriculum. WEE Learn offers cognitive challenges to young children through individual and age appropriate practices. The curriculum is solidified on its base of concrete experiences and focus on relationships, communication, and exploration of the environment. WEE Learn provides systematic learning opportunities in language and early literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, physical development, and personal and social development. The curriculum is relevant to children’s everyday experiences and highlights the importance of the family’s role in linking a child’s early experiences to the world around them.
Active Learning for Active 3s
The curriculum for Victory Preschool’s 3 year olds is based on HighScopePlay-based, child-centered, and grounded in research, the HighScope Curriculum features active learning at its core. Children are guided to explore, interact, and exercise their creative imagination through purposeful play. Well-prepared teachers support and extend each child’s learning based on their developmental levels, so children enter school ready and eager to learn.
Our goal is to ignite children’s interest in learning by creating an environment that encourages them to explore learning materials and interact with adults and peers. We focus on supporting early learners as they make decisions, build academic skills, develop socially and emotionally, and become part of a classroom community.